Mental Health Preventing Weight-Loss Surgery Success

Mental Health Preventing Weight -Loss Surgery Success

Bariatric Surgery, a broad term used to identify weight loss procedures such as sleeve gastrectomy, is popular for people trying to lose weight in Australia. 

Without psychological help before and after surgery, these procedures have been proven to lead to mental illness and weight regain. 

According to the AIHW, From 2014-2015, there were 9.7 weight loss surgery separations per 10,000 of the population, with Western Australia with the highest rate at 17.3. Furthermore, around 18,000 (79%) weight loss separations were for female patients and 4,800 for male patients. 

This growth in weight loss surgery can be linked-to ABS statistics (2017-18), which state nearly two-thirds of Australian adults are overweight or obese, over 12.5million people!

Gastrectomies are now becoming the last resort for people suffering from health conditions due to obesity, trying in desperation to achieve the quality of life they desire. However, despite the positives presented in this surgery for reducing weight, there is a lack of focus on what can go wrong, particularly if mindset patterns are linked in with the weight issue. 

There are physical and mental problems that can derail the success of weight loss before and after bariatric surgery. 

Bodies post-surgery are not able to absorb all the nutrients in food, with most people thinking the more nutritionally healthy  they eat, the better. However, this is wrong. To eat the right way, for example, using a gastric bypass diet like Roux-en-Y, you also need to consume the correct vitamin and mineral supplements.

What is most alarming, however, is the unsuccessful rate of these weight-loss surgeries due to mental health. 

A study in 2017 by the Current Obesity Reports, ‘Psychological Aspects of Bariatric Surgery as a Treatment for Obesity’ found that there is a higher prevalence of psychological co-morbidities in people who seek bariatric surgeries. There is a higher rate of people getting this surgery with mood disorders, psychological distress, eating disorders, anxiety, alcohol use, personality disorders and low self-esteem. 

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Now with a drastic change like Bariatric surgery, where a part of your stomach is removed, change in thought patterns are required so you can align your beliefs and self talk with your goals.

A lack of postoperative psychological follow up can lead to failure, heartache and even life threatening physical side effects. This is extremely unfortunate given the “postsurgical psychological challenges the procedure elicits” because of an inadequate psych support system. Often resulting in body image concerns, mood changes, stress, substance use, and weight regain. 

We often get calls from distressed patients who are vitamizing their food into liquid for emotional comfort.

Ice cream and even pizza, or chocolate. Thousands of dollars being spent on surgery only to risk physical damage to the internal organs is no fun and dangerous. Often the reasons lurking beneath are not simple and require the help of a professional to gain control over and renew the possibility of success. Doctors refer patients to us post surgery to help them address habits and attitudes, retrain thought patterns and change. We are passionate about helping you achieve your goal and our success stories are inspiring. Re-patterning the brain is possible and we see the positive outcomes daily. 

The study suggests that people can lose drastic weight and appear to have positive physical health improvements post-op. 

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Weight regain could be reduced with the right mental help before and after surgery, equalling a better quality of life. There is also the new you waiting. How will you feel with a different body and changing attitudes? Get the scaffolding ready to be successful. We are all only human, you don’t have to walk the path alone. We are here to help you feel empowered, confident and reassured.  CHANGE IS A PHONE CALL AWAY. 

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