Am I Really Hungry?

Next time you are eating ask yourself that question “Am I really Hungry”?  If the answer is yes, then be aware of where you feel that hunger.  Real hunger is gradual.


Its physical and that physical sensation is felt in your stomach.  Real hunger is not triggered by emotions or circumstance, or even walking past a bakery.  It’s not triggered by being bored, stressed, upset or lonely.  Hunger is a real physical response in your body.   Unfortunately,most of us are oblivious to it.  Knowing the difference between real hunger and emotional hunger or emotional eating will help you take back control of food instead of feeling that food controls you.

So, what if the answer to that question is “No, I’m not actually hungry”, what do you do then?  I want you to ask yourself another question – “Why am I wanting to eat this?”  Are you bored, stressed, angry?  Is it someone’s birthday and you think you should have that piece of cake because others are?  Do you have a craving for that piece of chocolate?   Being aware at this stage that you are eating emotionally and not because you are actually hungry is liberating.  Listening to your body and being aware of what you are feeling BEFORE you eat will give you freedom.  You will be making an absolute conscious decision whether to eat or not.  At we are dedicated to helping you know the difference.


Mindful or Mindless Eating?

We have been programmed since early childhood to eat at certain times regardless of whether we are hungry or not.  That’s just what we do, what we learned, and we pass it on to each generation.

How many times were you told to finish everything on your plate before you were allowed to leave the table or allowed dessert as a reward?  Were you told to hurry and eat because you had to get to school or do chores or homework.  Do you do the same thing to your children?  I’m guessing probably you do.



What this actually does is teach people to eat when they are not hungry and to eat fast.  A definite recipe for being overweight. Food was used as a reward, as a special treat.  Given to us to make us feel better when we have been upset or emotional, or a reward for making grades at school or achieving milestones.  Have you ever dieted, lost weight or reached your goal weight and then rewarded yourself with food?  Yeh, me too.

Notice how you eat.  First one finished at the table?  If you eat fast slow down.  It takes approximately 15-20 minutes for your stomach to tell your brain that you have eaten.  People who eat fast are likely to eat 2/3 times more than they actually need in that timespan then hit the stuffed, bloated and feeling sick stage.


Cutting your food up, chewing at least 15-20 times, tasting it, savouring the flavour before swallowing, you will automatically eat less.  You will get to a stage of satiety where your brain will say STOP.  Am I Really Hungry?


Food left on your plate?  Worried about wasting food?  Wrap it up and eat it later if you are hungry.  Learn to reduce your portion size to what you actually eat mindfully to eliminate any food wastage.  If this is the only tool you use when eating I promise you, you will eat less, and lose weight.  It takes some practice but master the process and you will master your weight.  But it’s like anything – you have to do it.

We have an abundance of wonderful nutritional food available to us today and it seems to me we have lost the ability to enjoy, savour and really taste our food.  So, next time you are eating just notice if you are eating fast or slow and make a conscious decision to enjoy the process of eating, savouring the flavours and textures and making it an event instead of a quick fix.


If you need any help mastering your relationship with food in anyway, visit our website or call us and see how we can help you take control permanently.