Pre Surgery

You have just made a huge decision probably one you have been thinking about for a long time.  A decision that will most definitely change your life.  There is excitement and trepidation happening simultaneously.  So many questions and thoughts going through your mind.  It is perfectly normal to be feeling this way.

This is a very very critical stage of the Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery process.  Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery is a tool that changes your anatomy.  The most important change must happen Psychologically.  Will power will only take you so far, you know that, you have probably been on countless diets and slimming regimes.  You have lost then regained weight so many times you get stuck in that never ending cycle which destroys your self worth and confidence.

Your Surgeon will have given you instructions about a Pre-Surgery diet, generally a VLCD liquid diet and sometimes a mixture of a low carb, low calorie diet and liquids.  There are a few reasons for this but mainly It allows the Liver and other organs to reduce in size so that surgery is easier to perform and the likelihood of  surgical complications arising is greatly diminished.

It is expected that you will lose weight during the pre-surgery diet and you will. …


Are you Really Ready to Change Your Life?

I know the journey to get to this decision has been long, lonely and overwhelming. And now that you have made that decision you need to get ready for the changes that will happen in your body and your life.  We see surgery as a last resort.  I want you to change that thinking right now and see it for what it is – a really important tool.  It’s only part of the equation, nevertheless, a big part.  In order for you to have sustained weight loss success you are  going to have to do a lot of work in changing your lifestyle, habits and more importantly your mindset.

Anyone can lose weight.  People go on a 12 week program and lost weight get in shape.  But what happens after that??  They think they are “cured” and they go right back to where they were before.  And let me tell you it happens a lot with people who have had Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery.

The good news is YOU do not need to be one of those statistics.  This is why the Pre-Surgery Program is so important.

We are going to change a lot of these behaviours and mindsets BEFORE your Surgery so that post surgery is successful.  We take the overwhelm out of it while Transforming your mindset and retraining your brain.