Post Surgery

Congratulations, you’ve had your surgery, you are on a high, full of optimism and confidence.

You probably thought that the surgery was the answer to all your problems and you quickly find out it isn’t.  Its only part of the weight loss equation.  So many changes need to happen and if you are not prepared or can’t find the right help it can be a nightmare.  Making all those adjustments about how you eat, when you eat, what you eat.  The anatomy of your stomach and gut has changed which means what you ate before surgery may not agree with you anymore.



Post Surgery will have its challenges physically but more importantly emotionally and psychologically.  You need to be able to manage these otherwise you will struggle with the requirements needed to gain that slim body you want.   We need to create different outcomes to behaviours and habits that lead us to require surgery in the first place.

Behaviours like overeating, secret eating, bingeing etc.  It requires a whole new relationship with food and that involves new ways of thinking.

We use a multi-discipline approach to help you.  The combination process transforms the brains existing thought map and rewires it for a faster and more successful outcome.


Planning and Preparation

Planning & preparing meals ahead of time will save you a lot of worry and help to keep you focused after surgery.

Having ready made meals available so that the temptation to fall back to old habits is reduced and the stress of what to eat is diminished.  You will find the whole process so much easier if you do.

If I am going out for dinner I always google the Cafe/Restaurant and look at the Menu so that I am prepared before I go and know what is going to be suitable to eat.  There have been times when there was nothing on the Menu that was suitable so I asked friends if we could change the venue, which we did.

Remember this is about you and a goal you want to reach to be healthier in mind and body.  It will take change, adjustments and adaptability on your part to find what works for you and what doesn’t.  You will be surprised how easy you can transform to your new lifestyle and incorporate it into your daily routine.