Supplements - Post Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery

It’s more important than ever to take care of your health and nutrition after Bariatric surgery.  It can be tedious and sometimes we get locked into a false sense of believing that we really don’t need to take these vitamins and minerals.  Who amongst us hasn’t taken a few days of antibiotics and stopped them once we feel ok?  Knowing that we really should finish the course?

After Bariatric surgery your body undergoes neuroendocrine changes and absorbs less vital nutrients from food.  To avoid complications from nutritional deficiencies and to keep your weight loss on track it is imperative that you stick to a regime of supplementation.  Your surgeon/ bariatric GP/ dietician etc;  will most likely have informed you that weight loss surgery will cause malabsorption thereby leading to overall vitamin and mineral deficiency. The side effect of this include but are not limited to:  brittle hair and nails, loss of dental integrity and lost teeth, fatigue, loss of mental acuity, low mood, sight issues, sleep issues just to name a few.

Enzymes required for complete breakdown of foods consumed are produced in the first portion of the digestive tract, ie: mouths and stomach. A portion of  nutrients we take are absorbed by the villi which line our stomachs.  Most absorption takes place in the Duodenum and Jejunum (first part of small intestine).

Gastric Sleeve surgery reduces the size of the stomach and in so doing reduces the villi – absorptive surface of the stomach.   RNY drastically reduces the size the stomach but the Duodenum is bypassed so food and drink ingested no longer passes through the main absorption route. As a result the body absorbs less nutrients, vitamins & minerals as we take in less calories.

Can you see how important it is too make a supplementation regime part of your new way of living?  Its imperative for optimal health and well being.  It’s just a new Habit!

There are some very specific vitamins and minerals that Bariatric Surgery recipients require.  I call these our Team Members.  They will take care of your overall wellbeing, they’re on your side and all you have to do is embrace them.



Planning and Preparation

Create a daily habit/ritual of taking your supplements at the same time each day.  Your Doctor or Dietician may have given you the required amounts for each supplement depending on your body or personal circumstances.

If you are taking sublingually then read the instructions for each supplement and take accordingly.  Some people mix theirs in a smoothie for ease of digestion and they are just one of the ingredients that always gets included.

By using a Food/Supplement Diary , many of my clients have taken the guess work out of remembering whether they have taken them or not.  Just make it part of your daily  routine. It takes the guess work out of remembering if that have taken them or not.

Whatever works for you is ok but please make the effort it really is essential to supplement for optimal health after Bariatric Surgery for Weight Loss.

The Essential Vitamins & Minerals Team

There are a number of ways to take your supplements.  My personal preference is via Sublingual methods, eg: Sprays, Dissolvable/Chewable tablets under the tongue, Liquids, Drops  or powders.  Most vitamin and minerals tablets you get from the pharmacies are full of fillers and actually don’t dissolve that well for people who haven’t had Bariatric Surgery.  Those of you who may have had Lap Band surgery will have found that tablets will have become stuck and caused many problems.

Sublingual ingestion, in my opinion. is the only viable way for Bariatric Surgery recipients to get the recommended requirements of Vitamins & Minerals necessary for optimal long lasting health.


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