Fat Shaming never motivates.  It can cut through your heart like a double-edged knife.  Generally perpetrated by those closest to us such as parents, friends, and colleagues.  Dare I say it, also perpetrated by many in the medical profession.


Unfortunately, we can also be responsible for fat shaming ourselves, oftentimes through humour as a way of coping.  Better we shame ourselves than have others get their kicks by putting us down.

Let’s face it, the media in all its forms reinforces our shame by incessantly publishing those airbrushed images of fabulous 40-, 50- & 60-year-old celebrities in their bikinis on our social media and news feeds.  Setting up unrealistic societal and self-expectations of what we think our body should look like. The reality of these air-brushed images, however, merely purports to showcase the talent of the air-brusher.

There are those who would propose that fat shaming can be well intended.  You know, as a well-intended way to motivate you to lose weight. A reverse psychology tactical form of criticism if you will.  Seems to me this approach has been totally and utterly ineffective.

Fat Shaming is linked to eating disorders such as bingeing and emotional eating, low self esteem and depressive symptoms.  It is often not called out for fear of the further embarrassment and shame caused to the recipient.  Easier to just shut up and take it on the chin.  Meanwhile we slip further into the never-ending abyss of shame and the weight loss emotional rollercoaster.

It’s important to create an emotional care plan for yourself to cope with an episode of fat shaming.  This is where you may need the help of a professional versed in strategies you can implement with confidence and strength.  Changing your own negative self-talk and self-belief can take conscious work and practise.

When you can accept your body with confidence and a strong self-esteem regardless of size, the Fat Shamers lose their power to hurt and humiliate you.

It takes courage and grit to accept your vulnerability about your body  so it’s important to surround yourself with people who can support and  love you. Paramount importance is to begin to love and advocate for yourself.


You are deserving of respect and dignity regardless of your shape or size.  If you find yourself needing help in this area please reach out to us, we are here for you.

Stay Savvy