Bariatric Surgery for the Mind - The Missing Link

Julia Lorent - Savvy Bariatrics

As an Internationally Accredited Weight Loss & Bariatric Weight Loss Coaching Expert with Certifications in Neuroplasticity, I know how hard it can be. I’ve been there myself. I have endured the countless operations to correct prior surgeries that left me with long term issues that I have had to learn to adapt into my everyday life. Like you, I just wanted to feel normal, to be able to go into a store and buy anything I want and know I looked good. It wasn’t that easy. For some people they breeze through the whole process, but for me it was fraught with complications that at one point saw me  spending 3 months in hospital and ICU on life support.

So you see I know what you go through, what you have been through and I also know that you can avoid a lot of the problems that go with Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery. I had to use everything I knew and taught to others to come back from the brink of death. I had to learn to walk again, write again, speak again. It was exhausting and there were a lot of tears. But using the tools that I had been using with my clients for years and seeing them achieve and maintain such wonderful success, I knew what worked and used it for own recovery.

You do not need to stay stuck with habits, thoughts, behaviours that have rendered you incapable of achieving your weight loss goals. You do not need to suffer that overwhelm and hopeless never ending cycle of despair about your weight anymore.

Through my private clinics I have been able to help thousands of clients from all over the world pre-surgery, post-surgery and with regain to change that “fat brain” thinking and take control of their mind maintaining their weight loss permanently by learning new tools and strategies that actually work.

Being an Internationally Accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist, Bariatric Hypnotist & Coach, Counsellor, Coach & Mentor for approx. 18 years, allowed me to change my life and take control once and for all. I use a myriad of modalities including hypnosis to change and transform your mindset allowing change to happen easily and effortlessly.  With Diploma’s in Nutrition & Gut Health we are able provide a complete service to our clients.

My name is Julia Lorent and I work hard at what I do, so that you don’t have to.