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“When the Scale Doesn’t Change”

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While Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery will significantly improve your ability to lose a large amount of excess weight, long term success will be dependant on a complete Lifestyle, Behavioural and Mindset change.

Are you experiencing any of the following:

  • Feel like progress is too slow
  • Comparing your success to other WLS recipients
  • Experiencing regain
  • Finding Old Eating Habits beginning to return
  • Having trouble Accepting your New Body
  • Unconscious & Emotional Eating
  • Feeling Deprived
  • Experiencing Cravings and Hunger
  • Have you lost sight of WHY you had Weight Loss Surgery
  • Depression, Stress or Anxiety
  • Relationship Issues

The Missing Link is a Mindset Transformation.

Without identifying, understanding and retraining thoughts, behaviours and triggers that initiated weight gain the road to long term weight management will be difficult and frustrating.

Transformation - Mind and Body

You’ve looked at those before and after photos, you’ve seen the transformations, you’ve heard how losing weight has dramatically and totally transformed someone’s life. Why not you? Why isn’t that your story? What did they do what you haven’t done?

I guarantee you that with every sustained weight loss transformation story, change of Mindset was paramount to sustained success.

Transformation is about you being able to eat what you want in moderation. Never feeling deprived, never feeling left out because you are on another diet.

We don’t do diets here. They don’t work. What we do is Transform your eating habits, behaviours and Mindset.

A Few Ways in which we Help You Master Weight Loss Surgery

  • Understand the Psychology of Eating & the 4 W's of Eating to change your relationship with food
  • Create a Slim Mindset for life and Redefine your identity as a slim person
  • Release the fear of being Slim, understand how the Fat Brain Works and stop that Inner Saboteur
  • Cope with the changes in your body and accept the new slimmer you
  • Awareness of how other people & their Relationship with your slimmer self/identity can impact your success
  • Address Body Image and Relationship issues that can arise after WLS
  • Develop a strong Confidence and Self Esteem
  • The importance & effect of Self Talk and Language

And so much more…

Commitment and Accountability

Weight Loss Surgery is a Tool. It’s what you do after Surgery that determines your success. It takes commitment, motivation and hard work to achieve long term success. Challenging physical and psychological issues can arise after surgery which if not addressed can sabotage your progress.

A significant amount of weight loss will only be maintainable by staying focused on a changed mindset and lifestyle.

By staying accountable and committed and with realistic weight loss goals, you will set yourself up for long term weight loss success.

What People Are Saying


Not being prepared for the attention I would get from the opposite sex once the weight was gone just overwhelmed me.   I just couldn’t cope.  People thought they could just touch me inappropriately and make inappropriate suggestions and that it was ok.  It just wasn’t.  Fear of being slimmer made me start eating again.  After speaking to other WLS colleagues they suggested I contact Julia.  She empowered me like no one ever has before or since.  I have tools to cope with anything now and god help anyone who tries their inappropriate behaviour on me!  I cannot recommend her highly enough.



Julia I just wanted to update you that I am still 35kgs down and have never felt or look better.  My health issues are a thousand percent better and I am still a non-smoker.  Can’t thank you enough for your kindness and support. I can honestly say that I now know what happy feels like for the first time in my life.

Erik Young


WLS was supposed to fix everything in my life.  But it just didn’t.  In fact it got worse.  Filled with regret, humiliation and desperate I sought help.  I was hostile, I didn’t think it was supposed to be this hard.  Then I saw Julia at Savvy Bariatrics and she helped me turn everything around, my weight, my thinking and my life.

Former Fat Person


I was eating half a kilo of chocolate a day!!  I just couldn’t stop bingeing on it and I thought I was going crazy.  Out of control is an understatement.  Put on about 30kgs and decided I had to do something about it.  Julia did her Craving Management Technique with me and have not wanted chocolate since.  Awesome.

Mike Breen
Self Employed

My Motivation for doing what I do

I do it for this gorgeous nine year old, who was not allowed to go swimming anymore because she was, apparently, too fat. The one thing she absolutely loved and was really good at, suddenly ripped out from under her.

Not surprisingly this would set the scene for a lifetime of not feeling good enough because of her weight.

The ramifications of these childhood remarks and conditioning leak into every area of her life and she turns to food for comfort. And so begun the cycle of rollercoaster dieting, failure, guilt, shame and psychological mind games …

I do this for her. I do this for you.

Helping people transform their lives, to understand and eliminate the emotional & psychological thought processes that has fed their mind sabotaging their weight loss…

This is what motivates me.