Weight Loss Surgery is a Tool.  It’s what you do after Surgery that determines your success.  It takes commitment, motivation and hard work to achieve long term success.  Challenging physical and psychological issues can arise after surgery which if not addressed can sabotage your progress.


We are here to Guide you through your Weight Loss Journey.  Our proven success  in Mindset Transformation, Motivation, Nutrition and Fitness and Emotional Management Techniques ensure your long term goal to a slimmer,  healthier you.

Surgeons Change the Anatomy - We Change the Mind

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Savvy Bariatrics was created as a result of frustration and despair for clients who had WLS believing it to be the answer to weight management.  Something was definitely missing in the process.  While their weight changed their thinking didn’t which in over 60% of clients lead to regaining weight and reverting back to old habits and bingeing as well as nutritional deficiencies…


Take the Weight
off Your Mind

Isn’t it time you felt that jubilation of reaching your Weight Loss goal and maintaining it?  Our programs will help you release the blockages, emotional or otherwise, that keep you from getting where you want to be.

If you do not change your mindset about Food, Dieting and Weightloss, you are always going to struggle with your weight.  I have had clients with surgical Gastric Bands/Gastric Sleeve/Bypass that have lost 60/100kgs or more, but then regain it all because they didn’t change their Mindset & Behaviours around food.

This just breaks my heart because I know it is completely avoidable and not addressed in the WLS process.  I cannot stress enough just how important it is to lasting and successful weight reduction, that you change the way you think.

The Missing Link in Weight Loss Surgery

Bariatric Surgery for
the Mind

You decided to have WLS because you wanted a better life, you wanted to stop that continual struggle of losing and gaining.  Hell, you just wanted feel “normal”, to be “normal”.  A compelling reason to undertake the surgery!

Being overweight or obese may even have become life threatening and surgery was the only option.  You’re excited, optimistic and confident that finally an answer is presented.  But reality can be so different.  WLS is a tool but quite often sold as a fix-all.  Its not.  Change has to happen on many levels and most importantly Psychologically.  It is crucial to sustained success and health after WLS.

Mindset Transformation before, after and during WLS is the Missing Link and here at Savvy Inc. we are dedicated to helping you take control once and for all and reclaim that body you deserve.

Surgeons change the Anatomy – We Change the Mind

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Our mission and passion is to help you live a life of vibrant health and wellbeing!